Who are the Hazaras?

Campaign Objectives

1. Raise public awareness on the ongoing Hazara genocide; build international solidarity

2. Immediate support to Hazaras on the ground

3. Do not legitimize the Taliban

4. Prioritize Hazara refugees

5. Support Hazara civil rights and calls for equity

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Story Behind the Art

At the heart of this campaign, we are centering the victims of genocide and those currently experiencing forced displacement, starvation, and imminent death by exposure as winter approaches.

This art piece represents the Hazara school girls in Dashte Barchi that were targeted and massacred as they were exiting the school grounds right before the end of Ramadan. The newborn child represents that maternity ward attack in Dashte Barchi, that pregnant mothers traveling from rural Hazarajat and newborns were not immune from targeted hate crimes against Hazaras. Hazaras are targeted for their Central Asian facial features. Created by Jessica Bolden, Daily Emerald. 


This song was released in 1998, the year Afghanistan was controlled by Taliban. People were not allowed to listen to music or sing songs. Sarzamine Man (سرزمین من ) is a song by Dawood Sarkhosh, a poet, singer, and musician who belongs to the Hazara people, that has produced much of Hazara resistance music. This is his most well-known work which voices the feelings of Afghan refugees dispersed throughout the world.

Sarzamine man by Dawood Sarkhosh

My Land

I have become homeless

I have moved from one home to another

Without you, I have always been with sorrow shoulder to shoulder


My only love, my existence

My poems and songs have no meaning without you


My land

So exhausted of persecution

My land

Without any hymn and song

My land

Impatient without medicine (hope)

My land


My land

Who has sung your sorrow? (No one has sung)

My land

Who have opened your way? (No one has solved)

My land

Who has been loyal to you? (No one has been)

My land


My moon and my star, my new way

I can't live anywhere but in you

They stole your treasures to enrich themselves

Everyone in turn, broke your heart


My land

You're like someone who is awaiting

My land

You're like a desert full of dust

My land

You're like a grieved heart

My land


Became homeless

I moved from a home to another

Without you, I have always been with sorrow

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